I’m going to see London! I’m going to see France!


I’m going to London! And Spain! (not France – that was just to make the title funny) There’s a nifty-looking XHTML2/Xforms workshop in northern Spain next month, and we’re going! To Spain! And London! For two weeks!

I love mixing vacation with geeking!

If anyone wants to meet me in London and spend a few dozen hours drooling on the British Museum’s documents room, let me know. I’m making a beeline for the handwritten Jayne Eyre manuscript, and I’m not leaving until I achieve enlightenment. Or at least a higher state of consciousness. Or a sore butt. Whichever comes first.

Chris is also going to a Neilsen Norman Group workshop, hence the London stopover. I’ll just be sponging off the hotel room and bopping around for five days trying to drink as many IPAs as I can wrap my head around.

More on all of this later. Right now, I’m going home to celebrate by putting up some storm windows and raking leaves.

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  1. dates please for London? If you haven’t already had sufficient offers of library hospitality I could virtually introduce you to colleagues in London at London Libraries Development Agency, Bristish Library, ALM-London etc.
    Best wishes Angela (originally from Saskatoon – I’m trying to pay you back for saying nice things about it and I greatly admire your web presence)
    PS You picked a nice time of year for it! In this weather don’t bother with a brolly it’s a pain when it goes inside out – which it will do regularly. A good rain jacket with a hood is better.

  2. Awesome! If you make it to Oxford (hours train ride from London) you can go to the Bodleian Library and visit the various haunts of people like Lewis Carroll, Tolkien and all sorts of famous literarys (as in pubs ;)).

  3. You lucky girl! If you get to Madrid, definitely hit the big three museums:
    Reina Sofía

  4. I’m jealous! I absolutely loved Spain — I practically lived in the Prado for the three months I spent studying in Madrid.

  5. hi, I’m an avid reader of your blog. Just to let you know that I *think* the Jane Eyre manuscript is now in the British Library rather than the British Museum, you’d better check before you go as I wouldn’t want you to not achieve enlightenment. Enjoy London – I work here and it is great!

  6. I recommend Tate Modern for its architecture! And Brick Lane for its excellent restaruants, cafés, markets and shops.
    And a visit to Victoria & Albert Museum is higly recommended since they have an excellent permanent exhibition of fashion!

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