Two Sentence book review: The Wisdom of Crowds


You, sir, are no Malcolm Gladwell, and thus I fell asleep several times as I waded through your social-studies-report caliber prose. Still, kinda cool how you dig up research vindicating diversity as a factor in successful decision-making and how you stomp all over the idea of group consensus.

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  1. Actually there are now two link problems — 1) I’m biased, it’s true, but you *could* link to Open WorldCat (e.g.,
    and Erica *could* have even put in a review if she wanted ;)
    2) “Erica” in Erica’s response has only “http:///”
    And Erica could sell the book, donate the monies to some noble cause. My two cents.

  2. My fussy friend,
    Alas, I was forced to read this tome of dubious quality when I attended the School of Information’s Community Information Corps reunion this summer. There was a booktalk. We talked. It was fine. My link is fine. I am tempted by your last suggestion.

  3. Okay, in the first place, your link to Amazon is wrong– your picture is of the paperback, but the link goes to the hardback edition. In the second place, the book *sounds* like a major snooze– what were you thinking (and that last has the Christine Lavin accent)???
    Luckily for you, heating oil is through the roof, so you’ll be able to make good use of your copy by burning it this winter, and thus actually getting some use out of it….

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