serenity.jpgGet thee to Serenity. It required some monumental orchestration, but we got there Saturday and spent the rest of the evening saying things like "Woah" and "Damn".

Go. Go now. Then go again. Then buy the Firefly dvds in case you haven’t already. Ogod this was a cool movie. What are you doing sitting there? Look up film times!

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  1. Hello, have loved all incarnations of your I’ve put a link to this one on my blog. Hope that’s ok. I know many librarians here in the UK who are going to be first in the queue for Serenity – it came out here yesterday. Library people in my office have been getting excited about it for a while…

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  3. You are so right. We also saw it on Saturday and are hanging out to see it again. A cool movie, based on awesome series. This is a must see for everyone!

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