17 Replies to “A Stack of Librarians”

  1. A murder of librarians, perhaps?

    Granted, crows aren’t the best bedfellows…but you have to admit it has a nice (if not public friendly) ring to it.

  2. Techie options: A web of librarians, a net of librarians (okay, gag). A database of librarians … maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.

    A facet of librarians (it allows the simultaneous identity of other ‘stacks of librarians’). Too jargony?

    My favourite from dictionary.com:
    A bevy of librarians (although admittedly somewhat gender biased.)

  3. An anthology of librarians? An index of librarians? A file of librarians? A gang? A posse? So many options….

    And what ARE your thoughts on the matter? :)

  4. The dusty old joke among UK librarians is that we are a shsh or a hush. Personally I don’t subscribe to this definition.

  5. Erica, I don’t know your thoughts on the matter. What are your thoughts?
    My favorite phrase is a “library of librarians.”

  6. How ’bout a school of librarians? A swarm? A coven? A pride? An exaltation? A rabble? A band?

    I dunno.

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