Austin, baby!

hothot.pngIt’s warm here! OMG you guys, they have this thing called “The Sun” that you have GOT to check out!

Chris, Scott and I are heading to Las Manitas for Mexican breakfast with Chris’ dad in a few minutes. Just wanted to update really quick and gloat at you. Migas, everyone! Migas! Mwahhahahahah!

2 Replies to “Austin, baby!”

  1. Hey Erica–If you’re going to be around on the 16th, try and catch HAWK. They’re scheduled to play at the Lair at 9:25 for the American Fallout Showcase. Frontman Dave Hawkins is a friend of mine. Good roots stuff! (Not to be confused with the rap band Hawk that’s playing on the 18th. As last year, I’m envious of you! Have a blast!

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