Informationistas in New York City

I am in The City this week, visiting friends and shopping. I’m currently being sniffed by this dog, and am looking forward to watching the final game of the World Cup this afternoon at a pub where folks actually care about football. Go France! And Italy! I don’t care as long as the footwork is amazing!

Lizz and I went sari-shopping (sort of) in Jackson Heights yesterday. I was thinking about trying on one of these, but the whole process was way intimidating, and I felt like a cultural-appropriating jerk. Plus even the ugly saris were over my budget. Still, wow.

If any enterprising readers want to go shopping or Darwin-exhibiting between now and Wednesday, send me an email (ericaATlibrarianavengersDOTORG). I’ll be bopping around all day while everyone is at work.

3 Replies to “Informationistas in New York City”

  1. I went through that phase a few years ago. I had one picked out and everything (peach and sparklie) but chickened out.

    Funny you mention it though, because waiting for a plane to come into Frankfurt today, I had to wait through a plane from New Dehli, and it got me thinking. I spent the hour’s ride home telling myselfto just buy the stupid sari- even if I only wear it at home.

    And PS- if you enjoy BUST you whould check out my all tim fav chick-mag BITCH . It rocks my world.

  2. I love saris too but the thought of getting one made me feel uncomfortable without knowing why… now I know how i’d feel: a cultural-appropriating jerk. Thanks, great expression!!

  3. Yeah. It’s weird. You want to embrace diverse cultures, and be all “we are the world”, but then you realize that you are an overprivileged white girl and you presence is really just a reminder of financial and social inequities that you would like to combat. I’m not sure how to get past this. Shopping certainly doesn’t seem to be the way.

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