Teenagers at the Library

Even nature sanctuary libraries have problems with unruly teenagers hanging around in the parking lot. These geese are at the awkward stage between being yellow fuzzy poofballs and tall feathery adults. As a result, they listen to emo music and wear heavy eyeliner. Someday they will grow up to be bankers. In the meantime they cause trouble and occasionally mess up cars.

7 Replies to “Teenagers at the Library”

  1. These are Canada geese, and nobody in their right mind would try turning these into pate. It’s not even worth anyone’s while to roast them, as they are tough and tasteless (I understand). Pate comes from specially-fed geese in France.

  2. I love this pic. Oddly, we have a mama duck sitting on a nest with 10 eggs in our library parking lot right now….

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