Overheard at Cornell

I was shopping for cat litter at Target yesterday because my life is a nonstop carnival of spectacle and decadence, when I overheard a fascinating conversation. The conversation was seriously not work-safe, so I sent it along to Overheard at Cornell, whose readership is much less litigious.

Enjoy! The gentleman in question was loudly hopeful that things might turn out well.

We’re all cheering for you man.

2 Replies to “Overheard at Cornell”

  1. Laura!!! Hey there! You going to the S.I. reunion?

    Man, you should put some big bins in the dorm halls on moveout day with a Goodwill sign. Everyone benefits, especially the generous volunteer who takes the bins to Goodwill and gets first dibs!

    Moving vans? Dang. Sounds like the middle ages, when the poor would hang around outside manor houses hoping to be given trenchers (large chunks of bread used as plates).

    Please sir, may I have your Diesel Shoes?

  2. Your blog is killing me dead at work these days, lady. Peals of laughter in the processing room. And congrats on all the discount bling! Here at this less-enlightened Ivy, stuff just gets thrown in the dumpsters, and people come from all over Connecticut with MOVING VANS to sift through and haul home all of the Yalies’ discards.

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