Staff picnic

The staff picnic is today. There are a few firsts this year, including the availability of beer (gasp!) and wine (eek!) provided by our generous overlords. This is a controversial move. Alcohol and Campus Events are a lawsuit-attracting combination, and it takes a brave administrator to go down the Dark Road of Official Permission Forms. avengerhero.pngUnless, of course, the intent is to butter up potential funders, in which case let the vino flow!

Mary, my mentor, boss, and friend has foolishly volunteered to orchestrate an hour of children’s games. In the interest of preserving her sanity (that I might make use of it in the future), I have volunteered to help.

Mary’s plan: lots of candy.
My plan: Superhero games.

Who can jump the highest?
Who can turn invisible?
Who can talk to animals? Quick! Rescue that heiress!
Over there!
Waaaaaaay over there!

For your amusement, the HeroMachine. My superhero has bat wings and an electrical aura. Neyah.

Wish me luck.

4 Replies to “Staff picnic”

  1. thank you for the superhero machine. I have just wasted valuable time at work…and that makes me feel all warm inside.

  2. Good luck?

    I wouldn’t have even ventured down the road of volunteering to help with that one. I would be too interested in sucking down as much employeer-provided vino as possible.

  3. Trust me, as director of a small library and having sixteen years experience with children’s programs, candy makes it worse.

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