Spider week

sos.gifEvery year the spiders come. They come in herds. They come alone. Through the drains and under the door, they come.

Spiders. For a week in September, our home is not safe from their octo-legitude. They get together, pick a time and make themselves at home.

This weekend I vacuumed about 35 spiders from various parts of my house. I vacuum every week. This isn’t lazy housekeeping. This is an invasion.

I complained to friendErin, but she had no sympathy. “In Arizona,” she said, “the local tarantulas migrate. There can be up to three miles of solid tarantula on the road.”

Not much fun in a moped.

Wishing you a bipedal day,

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  1. Eek.

    I thought I was doing so well! Not wanting my 2 year old daughter to be afraid of such an amazing creature, I encourage curiousity about spiders. There’s a beautiful big one who has built a web near the garage this weekend. We make sure to try to spot her whilst she hides out in the flowers. I’m not afraid of spiders. But I had a dream where the house was over run by spiders, and now I’m freaked out! I woke up, terrified that they’ve invaded! I can just say I’m thrilled to not be in the southwest!

  2. Sorry for the graphic detail, Erica! Spiders outside are fine, but when they migrate inside I’m seriously creeped out.

  3. I battled 2 spiders inside my car while careening home from my Collection Development class. I’m with you, this is an invasion. Get a hockey mask and some thick gloves. It’s going to get messy.

  4. Wow. Thanks for the graphic detail Lisa, I’m going to sleep well tonight.


  5. Our spider invasion begins in September and lasts until November. They seem to think our house is a haven of warmth and shelter, although I have a different thought on the matter. Especially when the hobo spiders appear: huge, hairy arachnids with tempers. If you open the shower curtain some groggy morning in anticipation of taking a shower, a hobo spider interested in taking up residence will not look kindly at being disturbed. Said nasty spider will then race, full speed, right toward you, mandibles at full salute in order to look even more horrible.

    NOT the way to start a morning.

  6. I like a small number of spiders in the house, provided they don’t get too uppity, because they eat bugs that are more annoying than themselves. We had a springtime centipede migration, and those suckers are messy to squash.

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