Labor Day

I’m going to Flint tomorrow. I’ll be in town through Tuesday.

I hope to visit my mom’s library on Friday, assuming I don’t expire from the cold I have developed.
For your envy and amusement, my itinerary: I’m getting up at 4am so I can leave Ithaca at 4:30am so I can get to the Syracuse airport at 5:30am so I can fly at 6:30am so I can tranfer in DC at 8am so I can arrive in Detroit at 9:30am.

All to get to Flint.
Has mankind ever made such efforts?
Has anyone ever had to work so hard to get to Flint?

5 Replies to “Labor Day”

  1. Most people I know will only work that hard to get OUT of Flint. :) Seriously, though, I hope that flying with all of the totally fun and non-bullshit security requirements was tolerable.

  2. I can’t say that the extra connection surprises me – Hancock airport doesn’t exactly have the best route options. I remember from when I was up at SU that Rochester airport seemed to have more options, but that’s another hour+ past SYR, so it might not be worth it.

  3. You make a compelling case, EB. Now excuse me, I need to go pack my Glock, my bottle of Tums, and my respirator. I’ll enjoy a fine coney dog for you while I’m there.

  4. I was in Flint two weeks ago. Are you SURE it’s worth the effort?

    When I went to Flint, I got $150. Will you get $150?

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