Amazon customer reviews: Bananas

I spent the afternoon poking around the more obscure areas of (It’s snowing, I’m lazy) and I came across a distributor that sells fresh groceries.

amazonfruit.jpgThe page layout is the same as any other Amazon product, the content is just a bit…different.

I love reading what other people think about something before I buy it. The Amazon customer reviews for bananas, however, are just a bit silly.

There is some hilarious writing lodged in the crevasses of online consumer reviews. I can’t help wondering if the Internet caused these folks to burst from their creative shells, or if they might be writing actual books instead of, say, posting on their weblogs.

Just in case you were wondering, Amazon directly sells bulk drygoods groceries through their beta site Amazon Grocery. They have some good organic stuff that might be difficult to find outside of Hippieville, USA where I live.

Full disclosure: I do not work for They aren’t paying me to be nice to them. But they should. Amazon: Call me!

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  1. Take that apples!
    I don’t know how to feel about amazon selling produce…but reading user-produced product reviews is the best. Try the ones on sometime. What a hoot.

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