Star Wars Dog Costumes

It’s Friday. Who needs serious content? Not I.

starwarsdogs.jpgAttention crazy dog people: If you must dress up your pet for Halloween, at least do it in style.

bigcat.jpgAttention crazy cat people: Think your cat is big? Invite him to view this gallery of top 15 amazingly fat cats. All of your cat’s body issues should clear up immediately.

Have a grand weekend! Don’t forget to put up the storm windows.

5 Replies to “Star Wars Dog Costumes”

  1. Just noticed on your wedding site that you’re getting married in Scotland. It will be so beautiful. I was married – in a castle there – 10 years ago. We used a wedding coordinator called Scottish Wedding Services . In fact, I was her first Internet customer! Irene is lovely and took care of everything!

  2. Katherine: We’re excited about the zoo, but not so excited about the day they offered us: March 30. This is too soon, too cold, and too in the middle of finals week. Other options are being explored, alas.

    Eliz: Nerds? You should talk, missy. I’ve got photos of you in a tweedledum costume that can be deployed at ANY time.

    @strik*: Hells yeah. Somebody get that cat on NutriSystem already.

  3. “Chris and I threw together a wedding website in honor of our shower/engagement party thing next Sunday. It validates to xhtml strict, but has very little content.”
    –dude. you are SUCH nerds.

  4. Just being nosy looking at your wedding site, Edinburgh Zoo is a great location, am sure you will have a great day (plus loads of other great things to do in the city!).

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