Another Extremely Accurate Librarian Costume.

This is the second sexy librarian costume I’ve found. One more and it’s officially a trend.

This one is especially flattering. They call it a “Sexy Secretary” SLASH “Sexy Librarian” costume. Because as you know, the two jobs are interchangeable. Or at least the outfits seem to be.

I love love LOVE that librarians are the subjects of our very own fetish. My mom would be so proud. We should form a labor union, all us sexy librarians, nurses, secretaries, and flight attendants, and charge a licensing fee every time someone wants to objectify us. Like the MPAA for disenfranchised traditionally-female professions. Quick, somebody call Dan Savage!

We do look all like this though. Seriously. Even the dudes.

14 Replies to “Another Extremely Accurate Librarian Costume.”

  1. I am a librarian in Alaska. I couldn’t wear that in the summer let alone as a halloween costume. It’s not even 40 degrees today.

  2. Librarians never bare their midriffs, or wear high heels to work, or tuxedo tops for that matter. And where is the bun? I think the only plausible things in this costume are the glasses and the dictionary.

  3. I’m a receptionist – do you think I could get away with wearing that? I think I’ve give several managers heart attacks.

    Maybe I should become a librarian. just for the shoes…

  4. One of my husband’s friends accidentally leaked out his fantasy life re: the whole naughty/sexy librarians thing to me, yuck. Hopefully he can run his own Google images search and keep that to himself from now on.

  5. S’true – when I tell people I’m going to Library School about half of them go “ooo, will you be a Naughty Librarian?”

  6. Yag. I’m glad I just went with the Target costume and “conservitized” it (with full intent to poke fun at myself).

    I can see the head librarian at my school’s library wearing this…yep…all 350lbs of him housed in this little ensemble.

  7. she must be a technical services librarian. a public services librarian would never wear those shoes, what with having to stand at the reference desk for hours at a time.

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