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  1. I’ve been wondering if text ads and banner ads on websites consume a lot of bandwidth charges?

    Also, the FTC has found some web hosting companies to charge false bandwidth fees. How can one know if this is happening? Do they provide you with logs?

  2. I’m switching to godaddy, despite their appalling tv commercials. I’ll try to keep the site downtime to the wee hours of the morning, when all good librarians are in bed.

    All the bad librarians will be doing something more interesting around then anyway.

  3. I am getting 250GB a month of bandwidth for less than $5 a month, with Godaddy.

    One thing to check is whether one or two files on your server are getting a huge number of requests. Someone made a MySpace template hotlinking one of my photos, and it was getting requested 24,000 times a month.

  4. may I suggest a less restrictive hosting provider?

    Dreamhost, for example, measures bandwidth alotments in TB, rather than GB.

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