Supervisor training

I’m heading out to my second day of Cornell Supervisor Training in a few minutes. We’ll be spending the entire day focusing on HR law. I anticipate a healthy round of “I’m not TOUCHING YOOOU!” from my coworkers afterward. Accompanied by jabbing index fingers.

I’m speaking from experience here, folks.

3 Replies to “Supervisor training”

  1. Gotta love mandatory training. I remember when I was working at Borders back in the late 90’s, and someone in corporate decided that all of the booksellers had to watch a sexual harassment video (in response, I suspect, to a lawsuit). The thing was so poorly produced, it was pathetic. It looked like it belonged on public access cable, right after “Battlestar Galactica Forum”.

    At one point, the video tries to depict a male bookseller harassing a female bookseller…by sneaking up behind her, leaving “Sex For Dummies” on the top of her V cart (sounds dirty, but isn’t), and scampering away before she could turn around. The entire room broke up laughing – even the manager. No one really remembers anything of the video beyond that point.

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