Life by the numbers

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2 jobs (one main, one side)
3 hubcaps remaining on my urban assault vehicle
4 weeks to hire a java programmer before Rob leaves for parentville
5 months of backpay to go with my promotion
6 days until we cook Thanksgiving spanokopeta with tzadziki
7 issues of The Ultimate X-Men by Brian K. Vaughan left to read
8 thank yous to write this weekend (thank you!)
9 fingers I’m not holding up to the haters out there.
10 minutes until I fall asleep on this keyboard

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  1. Sorry to bug you when you seem to be a very busy person. But I have a small question to ask. I’m from Canada and am planning on getting married in Edinburgh this July and we are considering the Zoo as a venue. What were your impressions of the The Mansion House at the zoo in terms of decorations and atmostphere. We’ll have only 20-30 guests so we’d be looking for a smaller room in the House. Thanks for your time. Good luck with your wedding planning.


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  4. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition! At least among we Hamiltons. I also had to go to the wine shop at nine AM last Thanksgiving to get Retsina. It’s pretty much My Big Fat Greek Thanksgiving around here. Stop by if you like dolmades.

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