7 Replies to “Never move again”

  1. The chair looks seriously uncomfortable (but cool, nonetheless) where would you rest your arms? On top of the different-sized books? Wouldn’t your legs bump into the book in the front slots? Why did they put dividers between the books?! Less book space!

  2. It look interesting…but without mobile toilet installed, it’s just another ordinary chair…

  3. i want that chair.
    I want an army of those chairs, actually
    great place to put the army of my husband’s books. :)

  4. Good catch Alexis thanks!

    Wait – Alexis from MSU? Just checking, she’s an old friend that I lost touch with. :)

  5. Very cool chair…wish I had one!

    Looks like you may have a misspelling in your link — I think the URL is missing a d.

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