My entire family watches YouTube on Thanksgiving

So here’s what my family of first and second-generation geeks does on Thanksgiving once the stuffing has been consumed:

  • Made up names for our imaginary bands using the Metal Band Name Generator
  • Created personalized Simpson’s and South Park characters (my dad and I are below)
  • Watched a YouTube recording of the Simpson’s voice actors on Inside the Actor’s Studio
  • Hooked up our respective mp3 players and swapped music
  • Traded names of our favorite podcasts
  • Argued about digital camera features
  • thanksgivingfam.png

  • Argued about library policy
  • Updated the firmware on our laptop
  • Ate spanokopeta using a recipe off of

9 Replies to “My entire family watches YouTube on Thanksgiving”

  1. The Simpson is already a cult series and I looks at itself the series gladly. With YouTube there are many merry videos. I will look at myself the videos on occasion times all.

    Greeting Micha

  2. Argued about library policy?

    <lisa simpson>
    My family never talks about library standards and every time I try to steer the conversation that way they make me feel like a nerd.
    </lisa simpson>

  3. Adopt me! Haha…that sounds like fun- I’m proud to be a geek. I’m all excited about my new Nintendo DS – Animal Crossing game.

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