Librarian vs. influenza: day seven, Christmas edition

Today’s theme was “relapse!” (imagine a glittery song-and-dance number) with special guests Seal Cough, Bleary Confusion, and starring Blissful Unconsciousness.

brut.jpgI didn’t travel this year, so my tragic demise will only be witnessed by the Cats (who couldn’t care less and will cheerfully sleep on my head, living or not). I’m done for. Save yourselves.

My favorite gift was an Audubon bat house, courtesy of my parents. They know me well.

Happy holidays everyone, and get your flu shots.

2 Replies to “Librarian vs. influenza: day seven, Christmas edition”

  1. cats are actually suprisingly less likely to sleep on your head if you’re dead – no warm breath to keep them going. so feel better, or the cats will have nowhere to sleep!

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