Librarian vs. influenza: day twelve

How did you spend your holiday vacation? For the last two weeks I’ve had the flu! I got better for awhile, then right before my future in-laws came for a visit, virus.pngI reverted to what has become my default state: slumped on the couch, cat snoring on my shoulder.

I met a new symptom yesterday (let’s call him “Ralph”) who requires me to consume only miso soup and saltines.

In other news, um, nothing. I’m becoming a connoisseur of Ze Frank’s The Show, which is hilarious and requires only that I summon the energy to press play once in awhile.

I messed around with View Erica Olsen's profile on LinkedInthis morning for a bit before passing out. My cat nurses in his sleep.

How are you? Please write comments and make me feel like I’m part of the world. Anything will do. What did you have for lunch? Heard any good jokes? Movies? Adventures? Accidents? News? Alien invasions? Alan invasions?

Does anyone have cable? Can you tell me what is on tv?


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  1. I saw somber and murky “The Good Shepard” last night – directed by Robert DeNiro and starring Matt Damon. Good ol’ Yale boys messing around with international affairs until they get their own agency, the CIA. They threw in Angelina Jolie to stir up trouble.

    Dinner will be Vietnamese beef noodle soup (aka Pho).

    I am a big fan of Top Chef (Wed nights) and there are always marathons on Bravo.

    Get well soon!

  2. We went to see The Holiday last night. A big deal considering we live 45 miles away from a movie theatre. It was a total warm-fuzzy flick.

  3. Breakfast was a medium-boiled egg and English muffin with spicy strawberry butter. NYE dinner will be all-out chicken molé.

    I envy your missing all the death in the news.

    I’m glad you have a nurse kitty, and hope you feel better soon! I need to tell you one of these days how the Librarian Avenger mantra shooed me off to fulfill my librarian destiny!

  4. If it is any consolation, you write funnier blog posts with the flu than most people write at peak health.

    For my part, I have been semi-house-bound lately with the two Colorado snowstorms. So, as far as “what is on TV?”, it is usually a DVD that my son is zaprudering for the most fascinating/disturbing footage his five-year-old mind can handle (the barracuda eating Nemo’s family; the dream of explosive decompression of the Apollo 13 capsule; enormous aquatic reptiles biting other slightly-less-enormous aquatic reptiles in half in Walking With Dinosaurs; etc.)

  5. Poor thing! I hate being sick. One thing that helped me with a cold (or flu?) is “Cold Season Tea Sampler” box from Traditional Medicinals… there are good teas inside for sore throat, congestion, etc. (however, none to exactly help with “your friend Ralph”).
    One other good thing (I guess?) is you won’t have a chance to go out Sunday night and get really drunk and be VERY well acquainted with Ralph. Saves money to stay home on the couch I suppose.
    Have you checked out Cute Overload? It has cute/funny photos of animals with semi-snarky comments. I can’t remember the exact URL but any search engine could probably find it. Sometimes it can be tooo sweet but it’s generally good for time-wasting and light entertainment!

  6. 1) Gerald R. Ford died Tuesday at the age of 93. His body will lie in state at the Capitol until the state funeral at the National Cathedral on Tuesday.
    2) R & B singer James Brown died this week at the age of 76 and has had a series of memorial services.
    3) Saddam Hussein, 69, was hanged for his crimes against humanity yesterday.
    4) The Texas Tech Red Raiders came from more than 30 points behind to win the Insight Bowl against the Minnesota Golden Gophers yesterday.
    5) The University of Texas Longhorns came from a 21 point deficit today to win the Alamo Bowl today in San Antonio, Texas, beating Iowa by only two points. Redshirt freshman quarterback from our neighborhood here in Abilene (Tuscola, Texas), played the entire game (after having been out with an injury at the end of the regular season) and broke the record for number of touchdown passes in a season, adding two to his total.
    6)It rained three tenths of an inch here yesterday, what we would call “a pretty good rain.” About ten days ago we had 1.3 inches, which we call “a real good rain.”
    7)I’m sorry you have been so sick. What a way to spend the holiday season! You met a whole new population of germs on your long trip, I suppose.

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