How to search Amazon for sale stuff

As a librarian, I feel obliged to share this method of procrastination resource with others:

These clever folks figured out how to link directly to stuff on sale at Amazon. So if you want to look at 80% off Office Supplies for some reason, you are now able.

micetoys.jpgThis ability proved to be distracting once I discovered the 50%-off pet supplies. Owl-the-cat will soon possess 60 “Rattling Rainbow Mice (in Cheese Wedge Display Box). He goes through the damn things like popcorn, and I’m sick of paying two bucks each for them at PetSmart.

Here’s the pet links for you Dog People and Cat People

Link via Lifehacker

4 Replies to “How to search Amazon for sale stuff”

  1. Thanks for reminding me about this. I need to buy the agility set to try in the backyard. This will be an interesting year if I can get Honey to run the course and stop chasing squirrels!

  2. Oh, my cats love you now. The little guy has hidden about 50 furry mice in the past year, so now he’ll be getting more. Which keeps the little guy out of the big guy’s hair … so the big guy owes you, too. ;)

  3. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    A big box of Zanies might be a nice peace offering in my household. We have a feline houseguest right now — he spent two nights trapped in the fender of our car until our local car shop got him out — and our resident cat is not too happy about having a second cat around.

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