Allergy alert stickers


I have a life-threatening peanut allergy. My lungs fill up and my throat closes and WOW are nuts a bad thing. Which is why I want these vinyl “No Peanuts” stickers by Jeeto.

Chuck and I have been trying to translate the word “peanut” into 30 languages whenever we go to a restaurant. It would be nice to have a visual aid.

When I was a kid, nobody had heard of “allergies”, so I didn’t get a lot of cred when I pouted and refused to eat my snickerdoodle. My folks fought for me when they could, but there were plenty of incidents. There was the Evil Girl Scout Leader with the PBJ, the home economics class with the peanut brittle, my forgetful grandma and the cracker jacks.

Having it in writing might help a kid stick up for herself.

So, yay to Jeeto and a generation of militant parents! Yay for continued access to oxygen!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! Oh the wonders of the internet. I suppose I shouldn’t be hyperbolic about my childhood, even for literary convenience. I vaguely recall a [name omitted] girl scout leader (way post-Dixie days) making free with the pbj. No hard feelings though. Those were weird days, and I’m sure I was a little snot. ;)

  2. Wow wonder if you are talking about my mom or Dixie with your evil girlscout leader comment. You’re right though. No one understood your allergy. I remember being really ticked at you when we were kids because we had to leave the annual book fair early b/c you ate cookies with peanuts.

  3. Not sure about peanut allergies but for gluten-free we found these cards that come in multiple languages for dining out. I’m guessing there are similar ones for other allergies sold elsewhere. The cards themselves have been hit or miss as many find differentiating flours confusing.


  4. WOW! Those are cool stickers! I am going to have to check out that site. My son is allergic to soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy.
    I started a website, where all of the recipes are free of soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy. I thought you might be interested.

  5. I know what you mean; my 6-year old has the Peanut Allergy, but it’s SO much easier now than it must’ve been when you were growing up. Last night my wife and I were at his Grade 1 Meet the Teacher night and there were 3 other (that we know of) kids in his class alone that have nut allergies. Freaky, but much more understood and accepted (and believed). Off to check out those stickers. :-)

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