Gutting the Endangered Species Act

Salon has obtained an internal 117-page draft proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The document proposes to:

“limit the number of species that can be protected and curtail the acres of wildlife habitat to be preserved. It shifts authority to enforce the act from the federal government to the states, and dilutes legal barriers that protect habitat from sprawl, logging or mining.”

Read more here. I guarantee the final draft will be titled “Helping Endangered Species Act” or something similarly compelling. The “Saving Wolves Act” would be nice. Or how about the “Freedom for Endangered Species From Government Interference Act”?

6 Replies to “Gutting the Endangered Species Act”

  1. People out here (in Kill All Predatory Animals Country) refer to it as the US Fish & Wolf Service. I’m sure this will bring a modicum of joy to their hearts. Gag.

  2. I think, in the end, it boils down to one simple fact: Dick Cheney and Karl Rove need animal blood for the sacrifices.

  3. If you’ve not read the “Republican War On Science” yet, I’d recommend it for all the background on how the GOP has been gutting the role of science in decision making. There’s an entire chapter on what Bushland did several years ago to begin weakening the ESA.

  4. *I* wrote my Congressperson and demanded immediate action to forestall such bogusness.
    Meanwhile, I don’t understand Internet Brain’s comment.

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