True friends will gut a pig for you.

Yesterday during a convergence of April birthdays and near-birthdays, I attended a large party.

The Large Party was held in honor of Lexie (who has turned a bewitching 30) and somewhat less so, myself who will turn a similar age in a few days.

Attendees were numerous and varied, and ranged from dog to human, and (often) back to dog.

An entire pig was roasted.

The pig, we are told, led a happy life. He went to the best schools, enjoyed daily trotter-massage, and had a healthy skincare regimen.

Lexie’s wife Marguerite shot him between the eyes and hung him from a tree in the backyard.
He was delicious.

Wishing you good friends with sharp knives,

4 Replies to “True friends will gut a pig for you.”

  1. Good friend? Check.

    Sharp knives? Check.

    Pig. …

    Do I really need the pig? How about a nice fish? I already know how to gut a fish.

    Frog legs?


    If you can supply the meat, I can make a *mean* wok’ed stir-fry.

  2. Pig is indeed a delicious animal. I mean, bacon! Come on! A couple of nights ago John made pork ribs wrapped in bacon for dinner. It was transcendant.

    Happy 30th birthday!!!!!

    Do you feel old now? Do you? Do you? :) Well… I didn’t. I don’t get carded for booze as often now, but that’s it.

    I have a slightly less asupicious birthday coming up in a month (31) and while I am looking forward to a good time, I doubt that I will get a pig. :)

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