Breaking news! Sheep Escape!

This morning as I was driving to work I became embroiled in local Farm Drama.

Let me back up.

Photo by Cryptia 30 Apr 07, 10.59PM EDT.

I live, at least for the next week or so, in upstate New York. Among other things, such as a dearth of decent tamales, living upstate means being surrounded by rolling hills and farmland.

There’s a big contingent of young hipster organic farmers in the area. I live across the street from a small sheep farm. The woman who owns the farm has about 20 sheep.

Depending on which field they are in, I can hear them through the open windows in the morning. It’s nice.

This morning I drove by the sheep farm and saw a distinctly sheeplike rustling in the tall grass next to the road. Two lambs had wiggled through the gate and were standing wide-eyed on the wrong side of the fence.

I pulled over and tried to find the farmer, but her truck was gone. It was up to me. The occasional car whooshed past the loose sheep.

I was wearing Work Clothes. I wasn’t prepared for any sheep wrangling, but I decided to try anyway.

The whole thing ended anticlimactically. The lambs were so terrified to see me walking toward them that they wiggled back through the gate. Problem solved. I left a note and went to work strangely pleased with my ability to frighten sheep.

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  1. Is this the end of LibrarianAvengers? Now what will I do at work? Um, I mean, during breaks, of course. So sad. Happy for you, though- enjoy San Francisco. Best of luck.

  2. Erica,

    You are such a big hearted person! I’m glad the sheep went back to their business safely. Thank your lucky stars those sheep weren’t Alpacas or Llamas!

  3. I concur. The sheep are adorable.

    It’s worth noting, however, that not all of upstate New York is rolling hills and adorable sheep. There’s also Syracuse, which is probably as close to the opposite of rolling hills and sheep as you can get.

  4. Apparently it was the official day for it…

    Hawk, escaped lamb roam NYC streets

    Wed Jun 13, 11:06 PM ET, Yahoo News

    NEW YORK – A hawk down in midtown Manhattan? Another bird of prey grounded across town? A lamb on the lam in the Bronx? True. All in one day. The series of animal adventures began around 10 a.m. Wednesday when a former parks commissioner reported spotting a hawk that had crash landed. At about 11:30 a.m., several blocks away, came a report of another wounded bird, this time an American kestrel.

    The birds were rescued by the Department of Parks and Recreation, which determined they were 7-week-old fledglings shaken up while testing their wings. Both were expected to recover and be returned to the wilds of Manhattan, where a growing population of birds of prey nests on high-rises and feasts on squirrels, rats and pigeons, said the current parks commissioner, Adrian Benepe.

    “It’s the season when birds are learning to fly, which is not easy to do in midtown,” Benepe said.

    Around 11 a.m. came a report of a sheep running around the Bronx. Police captured the female lamb and turned it over to an animal rescue organization, Animal Care & Control of New York City.

    The 7-month-old lamb caught a break, said shelter manager Liz Keller. She apparently escaped from a live animal market, where she would have been sold for food. Now she’s bound for a farm sanctuary elsewhere in New York state.

    “The staff named her Lucky Lady,” Keller said. “She’s adorable.”

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