I’m so goddamn cool

Sitting here in my lavish office. Wearing a kimono. On a chair that I made. The chair has a wagging tail. Oh, and I’m a frog. Did I mention I’m a frog?

I work for Second Life. I can do whatever I want. As long as someone is willing to script it.

2 Replies to “I’m so goddamn cool”

  1. I wish my iBook could handle Second Life, but it starts grinding and wheezing the instant the 3D rendering begins…

  2. Hah!
    My level 70 Paladin with tier-6 vengeful armor can take your frog with one eye tied behind his back.

    Just kidding, one of the interesting things about second life is the sandbox it gives for creative people to do things without having to be professional-level and still receive positive feedback. Similar to the way fan-fiction gives budding/amateur writers a way to try their hand at writing by utilizing a familiar world.

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