Zombie Dating Site: Zombie Harmony

BrainsThere’s a great new dating site online…for zombies!
Hurry and join zombieharmony.com!

I wonder if eHarmony will be as cool as Linden Lab was about parodies?

Linden sent the maker of a Second Life parody the opposite of a Cease and Desist letter. Since, like most sane people, they realized that parody = fair use, and fair use = the foundation of cultural exchange.

Now we’re BFF with the EFF, and there’s one less dumbass lawsuit in the world.

I love this line…
“Moreover, Linden Lab objects to any implication that it would employ lawyers incapable of distinguishing such obvious parody.”

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  1. That is very beautiful. I am sure that zombie harmony will improve the [lives?] of zombies everywhere.

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