Face front, true believers!

Face front, true believers!

I love the way Stan Lee addressed his readers with such an intimate and glorifying phrase. True believers! Sure, you were just reading a Spiderman comic book, but he implied that this act joined you with a like-minded group, and certified your character as loyal and faithful.

I poked around looking for an appropriate “Face front” image, and found this poster in the Soviet Museum‘s digital collections. If you have a bit of time, check out the collection of pro-Lenin fairy tales.  I also found an associated grumpy thread on Metafilter, comparing the ubiquity of this style of propaganda art in Soviet Russia to something like garish ads for fast food and grocery store mailers.

Face front, true believers! Today is beautiful, and we will face it with the resolution to do good.


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  1. I like the tie in from Stan Lee’s True believers phrase with librarianship. I like to compare the Borg (Star Trek) phrases, Resistance is futile and Bringing order to chaos to librarians. I am both loyal and faithful to the library world, yet I am radical and see the need for a shift in librarian and library support staff ideology. I am enjoying reading your thoughts. Keep posting!!


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