South Detroit

The 70’s band Journey is kind of a big deal out here. Apparently they are from the Bay area, and there is a San Francisco civic statute requiring all radio stations to play Journey songs every three hours. Or, so I gather.

While doing a deep textual analysis of the song Don’t Stop Believin’ (sic) this morning, I noticed the phrase “Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit.”

As a Michigan native and Flint Expat (good blog, btw) my librarian senses began tingling. South…Detroit?
South Detroit.

Let’s just check the map.

Detroit map
Yep, there it is. Suspicion confirmed! South Detroit is Windsor. Also known to Geographers as Canada.

I guess that Midnight Train going Anywhere was the Via Rail, huh?

(cue guitar solo)

3 Replies to “South Detroit”

  1. Amusing.

    As I suspect is now the case for many people, for me the song Don’t Stop Believin’ is permanently connected in my mind to the finale of The Sopranos.

  2. Of course. That’s also the answer to the trick question, “If you’re in Detroit and you start driving due south, what’s the first foreign country you reach?” Most people assume Mexico, or maybe something in the Caribbean.

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