4 Replies to “Conference 3”

  1. I had to stop one of my principals from making another horrid PPT a few months ago. I just said, “It’s really offensive when a presenter reads PPT slides to the audience.” I think he may have gottn it then.

  2. ugh, power points are awful…..just thought i would let you know that there is at least one future bush-protesting
    dorky-to-the-extreeme(but can still kick some butt)
    soon to be librarian on the way
    you are an inspiration
    thank you

  3. I’ve use S5 instead of PowerPoint, which makes it a bit more nifty. I also tend to shun lists and other such drivel in my presentations, prefering to use the slides as illustrations for what I’m saying. This comes in handy for the technical bits.

  4. The funny thing about PP is that after seeing a whole-lot of crappy ones even the good ones make me want to hide under my chair. Why are so many people terrible at making these presentations? And why does everyone feel it is NECESSARY to have them now-adays. Have our attention spans become so shortened by tv (I blame Sesame Street) that we can’t sit and watch a person talk for 40 minutes. I would have applauded, too.
    (Sorry about that. I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to get my bi-monthly anti-PP rant off my chest).
    Hope the last day of your conference is fun-filled and nut-free.

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