Hi guys – I’m on day four of a head cold. Meaning, my head feels like it was stuck on by something tacky and impermanent – like that stuff that holds posters up in dorm rooms. Anyway, I’m going to let others blog for me today instead of subjecting you to more tortured similes.

Here’s Mike at The Book You’re Not Reading blogging about a guy you’ll just love to loathe: The Beckoner. (Hi Mike. You are as funny as a British Adventuress could ever wish to be!)

Video Dog over at Salon has a highlights/lowlights reel of Superbowl commercials, for all you cat-hefting fuzzy-slipper-wearers like me who couldn’t be bollixed to watch the game.

Jessamyn has some commentary on the British Library’s wickedcool DRM-bashing. Nothing new to librarians facing superrestrictive e-journal licenses, I’m sure.

And finally, here’s a link to the first two episodes of The IT Crowd, a new British sitcom (I’m quite the UK fangirl today) written by the same guy who did Father Ted. And if you haven’t seen Father Ted, well I’m just sad. Disappointed and sad.

6 Replies to “Blarghahtpth…gurble”

  1. If you’re a fan of Father Ted, I recommend you see Black Books if you haven’t heard of it before – . Better than the IT Crowd, but doesn’t quite reach Father Ted’s sublime heights.

  2. not related to testing…or maybe it is, but after a week of dizziness and upset stomache, I went to the doctor and it turns out what I had was a sinus infection that affected the inner-ear! Wasn’t a fever at all, but because it hit the inner-ear, that caused the dizziness, which in turn caused the nausea.

    Bummer for me, but I hope you feel better soon!

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