Meetup recommends links for librarians

Hey Librarians,’s recommender software has got your number. I checked out this site a few days ago, before I got the memo that you have to PAY for a listing. Cheap! Cheap! I think I hear a bird! Cheap!

I was thinking about having a librarian meetup in Austin next month, since I’ll be down for South by Southwest Interactive, my favorite webgeek conference. I’m still working on finding those feminist strippers for you guys, but I did find this rather enlightening insight into our collective culture.

Apparently, as librarians, we are interested in Zines, the “Future”, Peace, Psychology, and dressing up like medieval wasslers (SCA). There’s also a link to something called INTP. International Network of Tipsy Persons, perhaps?

You can play this game with a variety of professions. For example, according to meetup Adult Entertainment Professionals watch loads of TV. Their meetup links are all to shows like “Couples” and “Gilmore Girls”. The Restaurant Owners group brings up this:

Poor things. Still, it could be worse. The Law Enforcement Officers group links to a bunch of law & safety-related stuff, as well as this little gem:

Aren’t you glad you became a librarian? I’d much rather dress up in medieval armor than shell out for child support payments. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. This has got to be the coolest website/blog on the planet. I am absolutely ROTFL. I was looking for some cartoonish drawings of library cats for our project to increase classroom libraries and found you instead. Please tell me how I can find you again!

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