Librarian duped by electricity, physics

What have I always said? Over and over? Do the research, people. Look it up!

lightningstrikesimamoron.pngWell, the reason I always say this so I won’t keep making dumb mistakes. Like buying a USB cupwarmer that uses the wrong voltage.

I knew you folks in the UK have funky electricity, but I didn’t know you have a completely DIFFERENT sort of USB! How is this possible? Whose idea was this? Damn you Thomas Edison!!!

My mistake was helpfully pointed out by M-D November, who knows stuff.

M-D knows stuff because he works for the folks who make the S.A.T. test. Apparently, the trivia has worn off on him. Do not play Jeopardy! with this man. Do not invite him to your Trivial Pursuit parties.

Also, consult him on all electronic purchases. Thank you. That is all.

3 Replies to “Librarian duped by electricity, physics”

  1. You guessed it, Emily. That M-D November is tricksy. Don’t believe a word he says. Warm cups, here I come!!!

  2. Sounds fishy to me too, given that my laptop actually runs on about 20v, DC (the mains adapter runs on 100-240v AC, so if the whole computer will work in the USA I’d be a bit surprised if all my USB ports didn’t), so the USB outputs have to be waaaay less than that, and are certainly DC not AC, so are not affected by the mains current, which has already been stepped down by the mains adapter. If you really needed a whole 220v to power a cup warmer, it’d probably melt itself to the desk!

    I’ve never known anyone to have any problems with transatlantic computer bits, anyway, so I’d look forward to perpetually warm cups of tea if I were you.

    So maybe he just couldn’t wait until 1st April?

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