The Rainbow of Librarian Haircolor

From a New York Observer Wedding Blog article on coloring your hair before the Big Day:

I’ve been trying to perfect my hair color for over a year now. My natural color is sort of a “meh” librarian brown.

In rebuttal, I direct you to this rainbow of librarian hair I made using librarian photos from flickr. Take that, forces of visual subjugation! We are multitude! We are legion!

7 Replies to “The Rainbow of Librarian Haircolor”

  1. This makes me worry just a little less about putting a purple wash in my hair and dying the fuchsia streaks again.
    Or maybe I should waint until I actually /have/ a job?

  2. As a hairdresser and the mother of a librarian whose hair has been various shades of blue and plum, I applaud your bustin’ out of the mold. The example that you are setting for your library’s patrons is worthy of commendation.

  3. Yes Jessica you are represented. I love your hair! You are next to the purple hair, taken from your wonderful bershon photo.

  4. I have been trying to figure out if my hair is in this mix! I totally think I am the fourth one from the right….

    Very nice idea! Librarian hair rocks!

  5. This made my day! Rock on you brainy grrls (and guys?) and more power to your splendid cornucopia of tresses!

    ~ L, grad student in English

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