bPY-SNBDGGR.pngI’ve had two bikes stolen in my lifetime. One was due to stupidity (no lock), the other was stolen by a gang of 14-year-old bike thieves.

After twelve years and three college towns, I’ve learned to appreciate a good bike lock. This one is my favorite ever. Just thought I would share.

5 Replies to “Collegetown?”

  1. they should introduce locks like these in the Netherlands. yes, that’s correct, we have more bikes than people, but only dull lockes… WHY?

    of course my lock is much bigger, heavier, stronger, etc because it needs to be in Amsterdam. it needs to be more like this. but cuter…

  2. Granuaile – Let’s corner the market! Know any venture capitalists? Materials engineers? I’ll do the design, you do the unscrupulous business practices.

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