Hello NYTimes readers. Radical Librarians welcome you!

I got a call about 20 minutes ago from a friend telling me that my website, this website, the website I HAVEN’T UPDATED IN WEEKS was mentioned in the NY Times. So, um. Hi. I’m updating! This is me. Updating. Just for you. La de da.

If you are interested in becoming a librarian, you might want to take this quiz.

If you know some librarians that you want to get gifts, I sell some cool t-shirts and mugs here.

Here are some of my favorite posts.

Here’s a quick summary of this website:
I’m Erica Olsen. I am a librarian (religion) and interface designer (profession). I just moved to San Francisco two weeks ago. I work doing User Experience at Second Life. I’ve been blogging since 1998, but in those days of yore we just called it “having a web page.”

If you wanna write to me and say hi, I’m ericaolsen (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

10 Replies to “Hello NYTimes readers. Radical Librarians welcome you!”

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  2. hi!
    I love your blog!

    My friend laughs at me because I read it and she thinks I am more of a librarian than she is, and she actually graduated from her MLIS program!

    I am going (hopefully) to go to SJSU’s MLIS program!

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  4. Erica!

    It’s your old neighbors from A2! Love the site, miss having you guys for neghbors – Do you keep in touch with Larry?

    How was Ithaca? What brings you to SF?

    We’re still here – but there’s more of us now. Veronica showed up in 2004, and Sam just got here in 2006.

    Isaac would love to hear from you – isaac (at) thepottshouse (dot) com

    Paul & Grace

  5. Congrats, E! Hmm, you have a slightly different glow. Could it be – ack! – fame? Too quite and boring here… Hope you’re having a blast. T

  6. Congratulations, Erica! It’s great to see people recognize you for what you are – fantastic. There’s nothing you can’t do, and now even more people are realizing it. :)

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