5 Replies to “Librarians love balls.”

  1. Well, keep in mind what passes for a liberry in the Deep South: A coupla worn and dog-eared copies of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, a subscription to Guns & Ammo magazine, and every single version of the King James bible ever issued. It’s not that they were offended; they couldn’t find the shelfspace.

  2. and what was the name of this oh-so-evil book?

    I’m guessing it wasn’t “Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia”… though that would make for some hilarious illustrations.

  3. You *need* a lot of balls to be a librarian these days — and clearly those Deep South softies need more, not less. (Fewer?)

  4. a bit late to be commenting on the whole hullaballoo but i was offended by this book in a way that i didn’t hear anybody else bring up. the fact that the author refers to the dog’s scrotum means that the dog was not fixed. what irresponsible pet ownership! seriously!

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