I Brake for Library Sciences

It’s the Holiday Season, which means new stuff in the Librarian Avengers Store.
I’m pimpin’ some new oval stickers this year. They look just like those European country abbreviation stickers that folks have on their Toyotas. Only these are cooler, because they signal that you are secretly a member of the United Nation of Librarianship!

Yep, there’s lots of new products, posters, shirts, and stuff sitting around the store, just waiting for you to order. So if you are a librarian, know a librarian, or love a librarian, consider giving them a thoughtful Librarian Avengers product this year. Or hell, just give them the money. They probably need it.

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  1. Now now. Anyway, you’ve got it wrong. There are no “practical” PhDs unless you want to teach. The “practical” degree is the MA. You get an MA in journalism or hospital administration or whatever so you can go journalize or administrate. A PhD would be to teach communications theory at a J School or to teach at some university that offers an MA in hospital admin. MAs are also sometime booby prizes for people who are ABD in PhD programs. It means that they didn’t make the cut, didn’t have what it takes.
    But to teach at a university? Yeah, for that the PhD is the “practical” degree because without it, you won’t get hired.

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