Life, 2009

Here’s what I’ve been up to so far this year…

  • Married my dearest friend
  • Changed my last name (call me Erica Olsen or Erica Firment, just don’t call me late to dinner)
  • Spent the first two weeks of married life sharing the flu
  • Drove down the California coast in a convertible
  • Saw elephant seals and sea otters
  • Started turning our spare bedroom into a Library
  • More flu
  • Watched Ong Bak Thai Warrior
  • Flu
  • Sleeping
  • Marital bliss
  • Flu

How about you? How has the year been treating you? I’m back to work tomorrow, and am looking forward to a week of friends, food, and thank you note writing.


bridezilla rawrCurrent TV has a segment called “Target Women” that I absolutely love.

In this episode, Sarah Haskins, who is frikking hilarious, introduces us to the helpful and empowering phenomenon known as Wedding Television.

She gently mocks shows like Bridezilla, Rich bride Poor bride, Platinum brides, and other affronts to sanity.

As you know, marriage is only for skinny rich people. At one point, Sarah appears in bike shorts and a sports bra, comparing her normal body to the “horrible fat future” picture used to scare a woman into bridal fitness on a show called “Bulging Brides”.

This video made me feel so much better about my lazais faire approach to wedding planning. See ya in Detroit in December, friends.

I’ll be the one wearing some sort of dress.